Designed to take the concept of a simple floating shelf to a new level, FLOT™ will transform the way you display eyewear. Using a collection of various shelf sizes and accessories the FLOT™ Merchandising System creates a story that helps visually capture your customers.

Clean & modern…

Create a clean and modern retail environment that is clutter free and elegant. FLOT™ Merchandising components are all interchangeable, which allows you to configure your display the way you want, quickly and easily.

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FLOT™ shelves snap into place creating a clean linear look to showcase frames. FLOT™ plugs can be used on a variety of solid surfaces including Lucite panels. Optional LED edge lit shelves are available for even more impact.

Creating a clean & modern selling environment has never been easier!

Multiple signage options
Frame holders to break up shelving
Various shelving sizes available
Accessory holders
Clean linear look
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Own your merchandising

FLOT™ allows for complete control over your merchandising. All shelving and accessories are interchangeable and easy to rearrange. Have fun and merchandise the way you want, easily.

A series of versatile accessories are available to help transform the FLOT™ Merchandising System into a dramatic selling space.


Anytime, Anywhere

Optcialdisplays.com is your home for accessories, offering innovative merchandising systems at an affordable cost. Browse our large selection of display accessories, frame holders, messaging blocks and more – anytime you want, from the comfort of your office or home. Focusing equally on style and function, the products on Opticaldisplays.com are designed to enhance your optical and help increase sales.

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Merchandising Catalog

Download a comprehensive catalog that includes our patented merchandising systems, the importance of merchandising and a complete guide to all of our merchandising accessories.

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