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Make in-store shopping as interactive and fun as shopping online.

Insight, an interactive touch screen display, digital catalog and eyewear display all in one, providing your optical with empowering access to information and choices that consumers crave, but the important difference is that the information is dictated by what your practice can offer them. Insight has a powerful touchscreen interface that comes loaded with a tailor made experience built specifically for your optical. INSIGHT also features an engaging video or digital billboard that is displayed while inactive and serves as a way to catch the customers attention and draw them in.


At a glance

Insight utilizes touchscreen technology to deliver a fun & educational experience to your patients. Brand stories, images, videos and more right at your patients’ fingertips.
Insight comes loaded with a tailor made experience built specifically for your optical. Controlled via the cloud, we do all of the work from our office and sync it to your display as you need.
When a customer interacts with a pair of frames on the Insight display the unit knows which pair of frames it is and automatically displays the corresponding content of your choosing.
Insight not only works in the full display version, but can also be utilized on iPads and Android tablets to deliver an unique experience anywhere in the practice.

Get to know Insight

INSIGHT is designed to be a feature section of your optical and to display the brands and content you want to highlight. You just specify the brands and frames you want to feature and the Eye Designs Group does all the work. We build your experience just for you and sync it to the display via our cloud based content management system. Want to change a brand or add additional styles later on? No problem, we can control the content remotely. You don’t have to do any of the work.

Let your customers explore brands, frame styles, additional colors and even learn more about your optical and current sales promotions. It’s a digital catalog that your customers can access in real time while they shop.

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Insight features a shelf equipped with RFID technology. Basically, that means it uses radio frequencies to send and receive information. In this case, there is an RFID reader built into the shelf that obtains an identification number from an RFID tag that is attached to each pair of frames. This means that when a customer places a pair of frames from the display onto the shelf under the monitor, the display knows which pair of frames it is and the corresponding information will magically appear right before their eyes on the touchscreen.

The future of retail

Shoppers will instantly have access to information like brand story, additional frame styles and a lookbook of images that relates to the brand of frame they have selected, simply by placing it down on the shelf.

The INSIGHT interface works on all touchscreen devices. That means your tailor made experience can be loaded onto an iPad and used in a number of places throughout the optical to deliver information to your patients, where you want them to have it.

Use INSIGHT in conjunction with our Communal Tables to deliver twice the experience. Our Communal Tables are available with two iPad holders that are a perfect place to deliver the INSIGHT experience.

Insight can go where you need it

Another useful area for INSIGHT is in the exam room. Currently as customers are waiting in the exam they are probably browsing the internet on their mobile phone, but imagine if they spent that time browsing your information and your frame selection on an iPad via the INSIGHT interface. This is a great way to educate customers and to boost sales. Now as they wait they are entertaining themselves by learning about your practice, your promotions and your inventory.

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We do the heavy lifting to provide you with a tailor made customer experience.

Insight is versatile and be as unique as you want it to be. Easily controlled and managed, via the cloud, from our office with no work required by your office.

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