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Smart Mirror


Bring an educational and sophisticated experience into your optical.

SMART MIRROR is the leading app designed with the eye care industry in mind. This application turns a standard iPad into a powerful shopping and educational tool. Coupled with our unique and innovative display it will enhance any optical environment.


At a glance

Smart Mirror is a great way to let your patients educate themselves while they are in your optical.
Take photos while trying on frames to compare them side by side.
Share your photos via email to get feedback from friends and family.

Get to know Smart Mirror

Finding the right frames and lenses can be challenging and overwhelming for your patients. There are so many choices and options. How do you make sure you help them get the ideal fit, style and lenses that are perfect for their lifestyle? Don’t fret, Smart Mirror is here to help! We have created a unique and innovative display that makes utilizing the Smart Mirror app a breeze for your patients. Smart Mirror’s robust features allow you to educate patients and also aid them in choosing the right frames and lenses, all while being a valuable time saver for your staff.

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Customers can compare frames side by side.

Smart Mirror allows your customers to take up to 4 photos while trying on frames and compare them side by side. The display is engineered to allow the customer to adjust the height of the iPad, so they can capture the best possible image of their frame selection. They can then email the photos to themselves or friends to share their shopping experience, get opinions and have help with making their selections. SMART MIRROR helps the customer be confident in their choices by allowing them to ask the people they trust the most.

Give your customers the power of information.

Smart Mirror comes jam packed with lens information that allows your customers to make informed decisions about what best suits their needs. Through the interface they can access information and visual components for:

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  • Refractive errors
  • Photochromic Lenses
  • Multifocal lens comparison
  • Single vision
  • Coatings
  • Polarized lenses
  • PAL tutorial

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