Space Planning


The management of available space within a retail environment can mean the difference between being profitable and under performing. Space planning is a very important element to consider when opening a new practice or remodeling an existing location. This needs to happen very early in the process, even before interior design. Successful space planning will give your location the proper traffic flow to get a customer from “point a” to the “point of sale”.

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.”

~ Charles Eames

What exactly is space planning and what makes it successful? Put simply, space planning is the layout of store fixtures, positioning of walls, product placement and the relationship between them to increase productivity in an environment. It is important to plan your location in a way that utilizes space effectively, but also makes sense to your customers. You need to balance the amount of open space, sight lines and engagement zones to effectively create the proper consumer experience.

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The Eye Designs Group is a team of industry experts who utilize their experience and knowledge to design your practice in a way that maximizes efficiency while creating a successful shopping experience. We pride ourselves on the ability to plan an entire office environment that merges the clinical side of the practice with the retail component. We understand the requirements of the doctor-patient interaction in the exam setting, to the optician consultations with patients in the optical. We also pride ourselves on the ability to design offices that maximize frame count and patient flow, while engaging the customer and enticing them to shop. We know how to maximize patient revenue and create a positive patient experience.

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