Synergy Pro Rod


The SYNERGY PRO™ ROD Display System is designed as a retail display with interchangeable merchandising components such as shelves, signage and mirrors to create environments that sell frames by brand, lifestyle and price points. The SYNERGY PRO™ ROD system combines multiple frame holder options: straight non-locking, straight locking, rotating non-locking and rotating locking all on the same rod.

Unlimited flexibility…

Unlimited flexibility in the display of frames and point of purchase materials to increase capture rate. All components are securely locked to the rod with an easy turn of a key. The SYNERGY PRO™ ROD is the only rod system that allows you to create the flexible, dynamic retail selling environment you want.

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SYNERGY PRO™ is the only rod system that can be used as a retail selling tool with merchandising flexibility. Incorporate shelving and branded messaging to draw attention to frame collections, styles and individual product features. Increase security with frame holders that not only lock to the rod, but can individually secure each frame with a spring loaded metal lock bar.

Your frames stand away from the rod
Multiple signage holders
Secure locking frame holders
Various frame holders
Hingeless frame holders
Various shelving options
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The SYNERGY PRO™ ROD is the ONLY rod that allows you to interchange multiple frame holders on the same rod. You have the ability to showcase a variety of frame styles on a single rod. Check out these features and styles to choose from.

Frame is forward off the rod
Locking and Non-locking frame holders
Spring loaded metal lock bar on locking frame holders
Lock bar available in 2 sizes to allow for larger frames
Rotating frame holders to showcase temple design
All frame holders and merchandising elements are locked into place with a simple turn of the Synergy Pro™ key.

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