The patented VERSA Merchandising™ System has revolutionized the way frames are displayed. It is a system of frame holders, signage, shelving and merchandising elements that bring visual clues to help the shopper make informed decisions on product styles, brands and price points.

The best part…

VERSA Merchandising™ components allow you to control your retail environment. The VERSA Merchandising™ components are all interchangeable,allowing you to configure your display the way you want, quickly and easily.

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The VERSA MERCHANDISING™ System features an assortment of frame holders that allow you to showcase any frame. A variety of signage systems enable you to direct customers to where you want them to shop by indicating gender, brands, new arrivals and special features. You can also break up rows of frames easily by adding plexiglass shelving.

Frame holders and shelves for every type of frame and accessory.

Easily add signage and branding
Frames are showcased away from the board
Easily add shelving
Secure frames with locking frame holders
Various frame holders available
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The WAVE™ Frame Holder is designed with elegant streamlined curves. It features 3 point frame positioning so all frames sit at the same angle. Constructed of an ultra strong polycarbonate material, it’s built to last.

Optional mini sign holder
Positioning nubs to keep frames straight
Anti-glare pebble matte finish that reduces reflection and hides dust
3 point frame positioning
Rotating locking frame and non-locking frame holder available
Rotating frame holder showcases temple
Spring loaded locking mechanism

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Merchandising Catalog

Download a comprehensive catalog that includes our patented merchandising systems, the importance of merchandising and a complete guide to all of our merchandising accessories.

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