Let’s face it, shopping is a lot different today than it was 15, 10 and even 5 years ago and will only continue to change in the near future. Today, not only do customers want better products, but they also want a better experience. Customers have come to expect instant gratification, an abundance of information, customization and unique experiences. It’s important to keep pace with evolving technologies, not only to streamline workflow, but to also enhance the customer experience or you could find yourself obsolete.

The rise of online shopping has changed the way brick-and-mortar needs to approach their customers. In front of a glowing computer screen or at their fingertips on a smart phone, consumers have instant access to an endless amount of products, information and customer reviews, all packaged in well designed and concise experiences. That same information and experience needs to translate to shopping in person.

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”

~ H.G. Wells, Author

Consumers can easily become frustrated that shopping in person is often not as convenient, personalized, informative and fun as shopping online. Although 44% of today’s consumers are likely to research products online before they step into a store, they still crave the instant gratification of being informed instantly on what they are shopping for as they do it. This means providing them on demand information about the product they came for, but also information about additional products and services they may not know about. Consumers are hungry for options and information, and as a retailer it is your job to satisfy them or they will move on.

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Another aspect of the evolving retail environment that can not be overlooked is the need to make the experience fun, unique and even glamorous. Since consumers are so informed and bombarded with constant advertising and messaging it is important to offer them something unique to catch their attention. Think outside the box and outside the common display. How can you engage a customer, capture their attention and in turn gain their business? The goal is to not only achieve a sale, but to obtain multiple sales, loyalty and to start a buzz. Luckily the Eye Designs Group is pioneering new ways for optical professionals to stay current and even get ahead of the times.


The Eye Designs Group recognizes the changing retail climate and the need for elevating the customer experience. We not only want to design you a beautiful store with functional displays, but we want to enable you to make that store engaging, relevant and even fun. Our goal is to assist you in creating the best retail environment from front to back, across physical and digital platforms. This has lead us to develop IRIS, Intelligent Retail Integrated Solutions, our growing array of advanced technological Experience Centers aimed specifically at enhancing the optical retail market. The Eye Designs Group is committed to disrupt the current retail market and create the future of how consumers shop.

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